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Foggy Window Glass Services

An inspirational poem entitled “Desiderata” describes love to be as “perennial as the grass”. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of insulated glass.

Of course if the said insulated glass unit was installed by true professionals (such as the specialists at Virginia Windows & Glass Repair Services), it would last long enough to serve you for a good number of years. However, because its sealant isn’t 100% impermeable to moisture in the environment, finding that your insulated glass has fogged up is inevitable.

You may be frustrated and ask why it was designed this way. “Why couldn’t they have used 100% impermeable sealants instead?” The answer – Because with the extremes in temperature that an insulated glass unit is exposed to, a completely impermeable seal may make the pressure inside the glass just high enough to shatter it.

So what can you do?

Give us a call. You can have your foggy windows replaced as soon as you want. At Virginia Windows & Glass Repair Services, getting replacements for your fogged windows does not have to cause you a major headache. It doesn’t have to hurt your wallet, either.

We offer our professional services at affordable prices.

Residents and owners of commercial establishments in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland don’t have to rely on amateurs to replace their foggy windows. Doing so may mean poorly done work and additional costs in the future. So don’t compromise quality in hopes of saving a few Dollars. With Virginia Windows & Glass Repair Services, high caliber workmanship is available at LOW PRICES.